My visit to Makkah Mukarramah for Umrah on Ramadan 24, 1431 & September 03, 2010

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Jeddah-Saudi Arabia: I visited Makkah for offering Umrah in the month of Ramadan. I took several snaps of the Holy City.

Makkah, the place where our beloved prophet Mohammad (S.A.W.) born, a place from where the Islam again rise, a place where every Muslim love to go for offering Tawaf, Umrah & Hajj.

Jeddah to Makkah:

I started my visit to Makkah at 22:50, I hired the taxi two times; one from my house to the taxi stand (from where the taxi & other vehicles leaves for Makkah) & from taxi stand to Makkah. The first taxi took SR.15/- & the 2nd took SR.20/-. (Because of the month of Ramadan they took SR.20/-, but in the other months, they usually take SR.10/- or SR.20/-). Almost at 23:20, I was in the “KIA” car which was moving towards Makkah. After some time we passed the Police check post.

At almost 00:04, we (me & taxi driver with other passengers) found ourself stuck in the rush. That was the most anxiousness moment for us. For almost 30 min. we were stuck there. The driver told us that because of Ramadan, the rush is on the road & you’ll reach ‘Haram’ at about 01:30. We were astonished because it was 00:34 & the ‘Haram’ was just 15 min. away of drive. (Full hour!!!).

When we were passing, I saw the Saudi Police was there & was separating the cars because of the rush; one towards ‘Kudai’ (Parking) & the other towards ‘Makkah’. Alhamdullilah, they didn’t stopped us from moving towards Makkah. It was just the first exam, after we crossed the 1st bridge, we were surprised to see such a great no. of cars in three lines. This was again because of Police check post, it was again sending the cars back to the parking & almost here we lost another half hour & now it was 01:04.

It was now 5 min. away but according to the driver it was 26 min. away. It was the test of our patience & as expected after about 26 min. we reached ‘Haram’ at 01:30 because the new bridge & a new project is under construction, that’s why all the cars were going through the tunnel & it cause a huge rush (like it was in Die Hard 4; sorry). The driver’s name was ‘Jalal’.

In Haram (Makkah Mosque):

From there I stood on the escalator & when I reached up, I was very happy to see the minarets of the Holy Makkah or Holy Haram. It was the most beautiful moment. The visitors from different countries were there. It was 01:40 & it was the prayer time (Nafal : Qiyaam-ul-Layil). The imam of the Holy Ka’aba Saud Al Shuraim was leading (offering) prayer & after some time the imam of the Holy Ka’aba Abdul Rehman Al Sudais was leading (offering) prayer. There were thousands of people outside the mosque (which is its part) offering prayer.

I went inside the mosque through the ‘King Abdul Aziz’ gate, in front of which the wrold tallest clock tower is present (installed on Ramadan 1, 2010). It was looking beautiful & it can be seen from anywhere in the Makkah. (When we were in the 1st rush, we were seeing it.).

Before entering inside, I took off my shoes & wrapped them in a plastic shopper. Then I entered in side, it was beautiful moment as the ‘Holy Ka’aba’ was in front. My memory ran back to the history (I read in Quran & Hadith).

Umrah (Tawaf+Sae’e+Cutting Hairs):


I went to the cortile where it is ‘Holy Ka’aba’, hundreds or thousands of people were performing Tawaf (taking 7 round of Ka’aba). I started performing Tawaf & I was reciting the sura’s & dua’as.

I saw the imam leading (offering) the prayer. The cameras were moving because the prayer was telecasting Live on TV. Here I want to clear that it was the ‘Nafal Prayer’, which is not necessary, I mean it is not implicated but who offer this prayer gets extra reward from the ALLAH.

When my 7th round comes to an end, the imam was supplicating the ALLAH Almighty. It was a very good dua’a. After completing 7 rounds of Tawaf, I went near the ‘Muqaam-e-Ibrahim (A.S.)’ & offer two nafal prayer (remember these are necessary) of Tawaf.


After this, I went to the Safa-wal-Marwa, this part of Umrah is called ‘Sae’e. Here I again took 7 rounds, there is not Ka’aba, these are the 7 straight rounds between the Safa & Marwa cliffs.  4 from Safa to Marwa & 3 back from Marwa to Safa.

Cutting Hairs:

After 7 rounds, I went outside from the Marwa gate for Barber shop as cutting the hairs of the head is also a part of Umrah. The barber took Sr.15/- for cutting. (This shops are near the Marwa gate)

Sehri after completing Umrah:

I entered again into Haram from Marwa gate then I move towards the ‘King Abdul Aziz’ gate for buying some food for Sehri as it was 4:00 AM. When I came out of ‘King Abdul Aziz’ gate, I straight went to a shop but there were so many people waiting for their turn, then I decide to buy something from KFC. I bought a box of 3 pieces of Chicken for SR.17/- & then bought a Pepsi can for SR. 1.5/-

I sat outside the mosque which is now a part of Mosque & start eating, it was 04:35 & only 15 min. were left. I started eating the meal quickly. The taste was not good, I noticed that they were not giving proper time for roast. The Pepsi was not cold. It really ruined my Sehri.

Fajr Azaan & Prayer:

Just before the Azaan of Fajr, I was finished & I went to wash room for cleaning my hands & mouth. I came back then I was astonished that the complete place was full of visitors. They were waiting for Azan. In the same time, the Mouzzan called the Azan.

Searching place to pray:

I was searching the place for pray but the whole place was complete. The special scout team was covering the walking blocks so the visitors might not start praying there. Then I saw the escalator moving towards the roof of the Mosque. In the mean time, the Akamat was called by the Mouzzan & the Imam started leading the prayer.

Fajr Prayer at roof:

I went to the escalator & surprised that there were three floors, which I had to cross. When I reached at the roof, the 1st rakat of the Fajar prayer was gone. The whole roof was filled with the visitors praying Fajr prayer but some how I crossed the line of scouts & found a place to pray. While I & some other were moving towards the place which was empty, one of the visitor who was in front of me, mistakenly pushed the Quran with his feet which was lying on the bag (the Quran fell down). The other visitor who was praying broke his prayer & start shouting at me, I told him that I didn’t touched it & why you placed it on the bag.

Then I move forward & start praying, it was 2nd rakat. After the Fajr prayer, I was moving towards the escalator for going down but suddenly Mouzzan called the funeral prayer. I stopped there & start praying it.

After Fajr Prayer:

After this I went back to the escalator moving down, but there was too much rush. All people on the roof were trying to go down. I stuck myself in the rush. In this situation I also suffered from an injury in my left leg. When I came down, I went near the Clock tower of Makkah & took some beautiful snaps.

Back to Jeddah:

After moving here & there, it was 06:00 AM & I decided to go back to Jeddah. I asked some of the taxi drivers but they were demanding high fairs. One driver asked SR.100/-, some asked SR.40/-. Then one driver asked SR.30/-, it was high too but I accepted the fare & after an 45 min. I was in my town.

Note: This taxi directly dropped me in front of my house.

One of the funny & strange thing of this visit is: When I was supplicating the ALLAH Almighty after completing Sae’e at Marwa, I prayed “O’ ALLAH, please protect the innocence of Salman Butt, Mohammad Asif & specially Mohammad Aamer” I prayed this many times but I forgot to pray for myself as my result was going to announce on the next day. (Strange but True)

It was very good visit to Makkah. I performed Umrah & also enjoyed the visit with lots of beautiful memories.


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  1. Abdul Aziz Says:

    Masha’Allah. Thanks for sharing

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